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Something totally what the hell?! [May. 23rd, 2007|10:34 am]
The Medical Forum
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We had a pretty animated discussion regarding this article during one of our tutorials. It was kind of outrageous.

Basically this doctor was the supposed family doctor of a couple. He helped delivered their first child. Then the husband comes in for consultations regarding his sexual problems.

And what happens??

The poor husband discovers that the doctor was screwing his wife behind his back (talk about radical treatments!), and had also been conveying his sexual problems (every single bit!) to the wife. On one occasion, hours before the husband came in for one of his appointments, he found out that his wife had sex with the doctor on the very same desk they were having the consultation.

It is highly ridiculous, i tell ya. This doctor was brilliant in waltzing through every rule in the medical profession and leaving them broken - patient confidentiality, not having a professional relationship, patient maleficence etc etc.

And guess what?

The Medical Board merely de-registered him for 5 years, after which he can apply to practice again. Also, he was not present at the time of the hearing because he was out on a holiday gallivanting with his lover. (More here)

I believe he probably will welcome the short 5 year break, and deliver more babies from his lover, and hopefully the kids are his.

*Rolls eyes*

Really, i am not sure how the husband can cope with all the upheaval in his life. Mistrust in family, mistrust in medical professionals...

P/S: Cross-posted in Med School Hell