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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2006|10:24 am]
The Medical Forum

For those of you writing the MCAT (I know you're out there!), a new community: mcat_survival
It's new & it won't work unless you join & start talking, so get to it!

x-posted, obviously
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2006|08:21 pm]
The Medical Forum

i came across this community, and figured i'd introduce myself. i'm neetu [pronounced like knee-two!] and i'm in my 2nd year of med school... in india. i was born and raised in orange county, did 1 year of pre-med... and then i had the opportunity to start med school earlier, so here i am!

i know this is going to sound like a nerdy question, but is anyone taking patho right now? if you are, what book[s] are you using? i'm using robbins, and it's like the reading never ends!

oh yea, hi :)
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Doctor Executioners [Mar. 26th, 2006|12:28 am]
The Medical Forum
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I read this highly thought-provoking article from the New England Journal of Medicine a couple of days ago. This article questions the ethical responsibility of doctors who have agreed or who agree to be part of the death penalty act. Have a look, it's really thought-engaging.

When Law and Ethics collide - Why Physicians participate in executions

I thought this was really interesting, haven't really thought about the dilemma doctors are in when they witness an execution and sometimes, even have a part to play in it.

I am really split over this issue.

On one hand, a physician should never take another's life, regardless what that person did. We are after all, not in a position to judge another. Leave that to the Law and get them people who do the sentencing to carry out the deed. Don't let the medical profession be the scapegoat.

On the other, "Cure seldom, relieve often, comfort always" is the mantra of the medical profession. Can we bear to abandon a person in the last moments of their life? Is it not cruel to let someone who knows not how to administer an injection properly or mix the medicines well, to cause pain and mental agony to one in his or her dying moments? Is it ethical to let someone suffer tremendously due to poor medical procedures when it can be prevented in the first place, as they go on their way to meet their maker?

I think that the whole problem boils down to one simple fact - can doctors prevent the death penalty in the first place? Put it this way, if all the doctors refuse to take part in the execution procedure, would the procedure be aborted? Would some other method be used instead? If it can be prevented, then yes, i think it is definitely unethical for a doctor to take part in an execution. But if the Law wouldn't budge, society is aloof, and lethal injection would be administered with or without the help of the medical profession, then i think it is the moral responsibility of the doctor to ensure the smooth passing of the inmate.

You can say that the doctor is going against his Hippocratic Oath. But is he? It was never in his intention to kill the inmate. The decision was made by the judicial system, and it is final. Whether the doctor likes it or not, the inmate is destined to die. The only issue now is whether it could be done peacefully without any mess. And in truth, i feel that the person who is on death row made that decision himself when he committed his crime. He knows the law and he knows the death penalty exists. If he wants to push his luck and thinks he is above the law, can we blame it on anyone? He made the decision to end his life the moment he committed his crime. We shouldn't blame it on the judicial system or the medical profession. It's time the person in topic takes responsibility for his own actions.

And if society is so jittery about the various methods in which people are executed, then i think they should seriously consider abolishing the death penalty. In other words, if you support the death penalty, then you shouldn't squirm or point the finger when the deed is done. And if you don't support the death penalty, don't choose an easy target to blame it on. Tell that to your respective governments who established the law in the first place.

What do you guys think? It would be cool to hear differing opinions. I suspect my opinion may change when i hear other more convincing perspectives.

P/S: I posted this in Med Students community as well.
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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2006|11:55 am]
The Medical Forum
How is one supposed to even start with answering questions like

i. what do you want to achieve in medicine?
ii. How do you see your career in ten years time?
iii. what impact do you hope to make in the field of medicine?
iv, what do you think the job of being a doctor entails, other than treating patients?
v, imagine you are on comitee able to recommend only one of two new surgical treatments to be made available through the NHS. The treatments are and artificial heart for babies born with heart defects or a permanent replacement hip for people with severe arthritis. Both treatments are permanent, i.e. never need repeating, and are of equal cost. On what grounds should you make your arguments?

I've read quite extensively on the subject of med school entry and yet,
I'm lost!

where can I start to find the answers to these questions?

Thank you

Cross Posted
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2006|10:15 am]
The Medical Forum

All right, I have question.

Last night I had a serious attack of, well, shaking, I guess. I know this sounds lame, but it went on for twenty to thirty minutes and it has really freaked me out.

Now at the time, I was sick, but not largely sick. My temperatures was only 99.7 and afterwards I took some tylenol and drank cranberry juice in order to try and suppress it.

In the past I have had some heart issues, though I was only 18. Basically an increased heart rate, but my doctor and I decided that I just have a sensitive regulator and that I was just stressed as it seemed to want to speed up when I was checked. I did wear a heart monitor as well as had an echocardiogram and a couple of x-rays as well.

Now at the time of this shaking fit I was also going through a bunch of stress and it occured right after the stressing factors (IE my girlfriend's friends) had started, uhm...stressing me.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to post this here, but it was the closest community I could find when searching for 'health' as an interest. If you can point me in the direction of a better community for this question, that would also be greatly appreciated.
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2005|10:58 am]
The Medical Forum

What would your advice be to someone who really wants to be a nurse but isn't making the grades for it? I'm supposed to be applying this semester but we just got grades and I got a "c" in microbiology bringing my gpa down to a 3.2. Is there any nursing schools anyone knows of in Florida that are easy to get into? Is there any other programs I should be looking into? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2005|09:22 am]
The Medical Forum

Please, I need your help.

My boyfriend of a lovely year has recently fallen ill with flu like symptoms minus the fever.

This morning he woke up to find two boils on his penis.
His tounge white.
He's always cold, then really hot.
He can't eat much because of a bad taste in his mouth that will cause him to throw up.
He spits up brown mucus in the morning.
He gets really bad headaches.

I've been doing a million searches and nothing is helping, please help.
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problem solving? [Sep. 21st, 2005|09:37 pm]
The Medical Forum
hey guys
i have a problem,
most of the times, when you see a nurse, its a girl, but im a guy and i wanna become a nurse.
my friends make fun of me for it all the time, but their my friends and their just joking.
but wen your own parents make fun of you, then thats bad. see, my dad forbids me to be a nurse. he said he'd rather have me work at mcdonalds for the rest of my life then be a nurse. and wen i told him thats wat i wanna do, and that i wanna go to school to become one, he got extremely angry. i told him i just need 5000$ and i could go to trade school to become one and he said hed never give me the money for that "bullshit". so then i said i would get a job and save up the money for it, and then he said if he ever catches me doing that, then he would kick me out of the house.
so then the next day, wen my father wasnt home, my mother said she would give me the money, but just not to tell my father. but also, the school gives us uniforms, and it will be extremely hard hiding from my father.

so wat should i do? continue with my dream and become a nurse and risk a roof over my head, or be safe and depressed and bot do it?
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2005|10:29 am]
The Medical Forum
Hey newbie here :-)

I was wondering in regards to the social sciences requirement at my school (the part for anthropology-sociology-psychology) Which one would look better for medical school (if it matters) The reason I ask is that I have only two choices between Cultural Anthropology and Intro to Psychology (which has a final only 20 minutes before my chem final blah). So I just want your opinions on what to do. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
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Question [Aug. 28th, 2005|12:04 pm]
The Medical Forum

Does anyone here go to or know someone who goes to NYMC and lived in student housing? I'm going there next year (got a deferal, yay!) and I want to know if its at all possible to smuggle my two cats in. I'm moving with my partner so we'd be in married student housing (I hope at least), so roommates wouldn't be a problem. I know there's apartments around, but I'm especially worried about rotations that take me into the city. I'd really rather not pay a million dollars for a 200 square foot place so I'd rather just live in the student places they have. I suppose anyone who lived in student housing at their school could answer this. How much supervision is there? I would guess that there'd be hardly any, but I have no idea.


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